About five years ago I got the idea that it would be fun to create souvenirs for Vancouver, Washington. Of course there are already some wonderful folks doing this but I have decided I will too. 


At any rate, Vancouver, British Columbia was incorporated 29 years after the incorporation of Vancouver, Washington, and more than 60 years after the name Vancouver was first used in reference to the historic Fort Vancouver trading post on the Columbia River. Wikepedia – Vancouver, Washington

I don’t have any personal vendetta against the British, I like them a lot – it just became interesting to me that I had turned things around in my head about the Vancouver I am living in compared to Vancouver, B.C. which gets so much more press. See this humorous article about the two Vancouver’s.

So perhaps, Vancouver, B.C. is having the last laugh but still . . . I am very happy to be living right here in the “original” not necessarily “better” Vancouver. 🙂 – And as the Vancouver Waterfront, Fort Vancouver and other top tourist attractions steadily increase in popularity here in Vancouver – folks might actually, someday, it’s possible, think of Vancouver, Washington FIRST before B.C. We’re on it!

On a Personal Note

Currently, I am retired with an endless imagination and enthusiasm for doing all sorts of crazy, wonderful things that I start, stop and start again.

This website is a case in point. This is my third attempt at writing a LifeStyle Blog about living in Vancouver, Washington.

The first blog I started here was with the domain name “Living in Vancouver,” after I first moved to Vancouver in 2015. That blog did not last long as I got a job, lost interest and it sort of faded away. (I am still getting mail though to take advantage of business opportunities using that domain – Google never forgets!)

In 2017 I gave it another go as I created a website and business called “Exploring Vancouver, USA. I thought this would be the start of a small business selling souvenirs for Vancouver as the competition didn’t seem too stiff and it’s the kind of thing I like to do. (aka, spending 28 years trying to promote contemplative life which is part of another life time and story). Anyway, it seemed like a great idea and for awhile I created Vancouver themed Word Search Puzzle books, professionally designed t-shirts (designed by an amazing former Vancouver artist Riley Donahue) and with plans to do other things. I even got featured by the Columbian newspaper which was more about my past life ( U.S. Navy and then 28 years as a contemplative nun – nother story, nother lifetime) than present but still good coverage. Unfortunately my poorly, executed entrepreneurship attempts resulted in spending money not making it. T-shirt anyone? Puzzle book?

Now, I am retired and the “compulsion” to do something that actually makes a profit is still there but I’m not so drastically feeling that I, “must do or die.” So this endeavor is more of a “keep me from going crazy” project. I love creating and designing web pages, coming up with absolutely brilliant ideas, writing and publishing books and cooking (mostly I love to eat and cooking is the way to do that). As a “retiree” as long as I don’t go too deeply in debt (referring to above) I can make this my little sandbox project and keep it going with smaller expectations but still have fun.

I live in Hazel Dell – an unincorporated community of Vancouver, Washington with my husband Jon, cat (Buddy), two dogs (Andre and Pudge).