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Cozy Book Mystery takes place in Vancouver, Washington

Murder in Vancouver

A cozy book mystery that takes place in Vancouver, Washington in 1908.

Publication date: November 25, 2021 (Thanksgiving Day)

So . . .

I’m writing my first Cozy book mystery. It is in the very, early, beginning stages – so it may change completely by the time the last word is written but here’s a bit of a look.

Murder in Vancouver by Patty Grasher

A young woman living in Vancouver, Wa in the year, 1908 has decided to open up her family home to take in boarders. Her first potential renter is a young army officer who is seeking revenge for a fellow comrade who was responsible for his untimely death.

This is explained on page one how this “ghost mystery” comes about – but for now that is enough of a lead. Stay tuned.

Will the book be any good? Obviously if this is my first attempt at a cozy mystery there is a fair chance it may not be. But I will have fun doing it and if no one manages to get past the first page or paragraph without rolling their eyes – it’s the way it goes. Having fun does not often result in anything more than just having fun. Would be nice but really that is often it’s only reward. And for me at this stage of my very philosophical life, that is enough.

I think my heroine’s second boarder might just work at the Vancouver brewery or maybe a saloon? Hmmm. Like I said this is all in the beginning stages but a drink or two to lighten up the fun won’t be out of line. A rounding chorus of “What do you do with the drunken solider?” Of course I know it’s supposed to be sailor. I was in the Navy after all, but for this I think a little adaption works.

And of course to swing things in the other direction I may throw in a school teacher with some quite deliberate thoughts of joining the Women’s Temperance Union . . . just enough spark to get conversations rolling at the dinner table.

Don’t expect too much historical data thrown in – a smidgen here or two to touch down with a few common streets and places of businesses but mostly like I said – it’s a fun project so this will not qualify for a semester of Early Vancouver History.

BUT on the other hand I “am” having fun researching early life in Vancouver, Washington. I will probably get a number of things historically wrong and think what fun you will have pointing them out to me? And truthfully I won’t mind that a bit. I’m certainly not a Vancouver history expert just a dabbler and a poke my nose into interesting historical tidbits type of person.

By the way the image above is not the actual cover – I just dabbled a bit to come up with something using an image that attracted me. I haven’t even purchased the image – just giving it a sort of test run. Kind of like it though. What do you think?

So what are the chances of this book getting published? Well, modestly I would say 99.9 per cent. I have published six books before so I know it can be done – and since I’m self-publishing (horrors I know) I don’t have to jump through a thousand doors to push another little book child into the universe.

The real question, the important question is will it be worth reading? I’m not committing myself to that! I will write it, rewrite it, self-edit it and have it professionally edited but who knows?

Some of you reading this (is anyone reading this?) may think I am a bit crazy announcing to the world about a book this early in the writing process – but it’s just how I do things. Announcing it is sort of like telling someone you are going to lose ten pounds and following through just so you don’t lose face.

Any thoughts?

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