Fun Things to Do at the Vancouver Wa Waterfront

Early morning walk along the Vancouver Wa Waterfront
Early morning walk along the Vancouver Wa Waterfront

You don’t have to spend a lot of money or even any to enjoy the Vancouver Wa waterfront. You can enjoy the river breezes, sunshine and more by walking along the riverbank on the beautiful half mile walkway that goes along the river and continue for a longer walk by continuing 2 1/2 miles along the Columbia River Renaissance Trail.

9 Budget Friendly Things to Do at the Vancouver Wa Waterfront

Boardwalk Timeline at Vancouver Wa Waterfront
The Timeline Boardwalk along the Vancouver Wa Waterfront

Waterfront Park is open and free to the public from 5am to 10pm. This seven and a half acre park provides a front row view of the river, outdoor seating for free summer concerts and thick, green grass to simply sit on for a blanket picnic or unleash some energy for small ones with plenty of run and play space.

The Grant Street Pier is a great place to look over the river and feel as if you are on a sailing vessel heading to the high seas.

Sit on one of the many river benches and watch the river traffic go floating by.

If you hear a long, drawn out whistle coming from I-5 it will be the signal for a bridge lift. This is much more fun to observe as a spectator along the river than waiting for the bridge to reopen when driving or should I say “parked” in the middle of one.

Take a picture with your phone and send to a friend or loved one – with of course the must, “wish you were here!” caption. Besides beautiful views of the river, there are water birds, boats of every size and shape, tugs and even a cruise ship on some days slowly making its elegant way down the river.

This monolith at Vancouver Wa Waterfront is a Columbia  River history lesson.
The Vancouver Wa Waterfront Monolith with text by Teresa Jordan

The Columbia carries more water than any other river in the American West. Born in Columbia Lake in the Canadian Rockies, it travels 200 miles north before abruptly turning around.

TExt by Teresa Jordan

Read the interpretive signs along the walkway that share historic time events along the riverfront.

A boardwalk also offers significant Vancouver dates. On one of these waterfront excursions I’m going to read every board message but today I just read a couple. Maybe that is okay – a few at a time for keeping an educated part of the waterfront experience low key.

Like dogs? The waterfront is the queen of dog walk promenades. While there are assorted rescue dogs (my fav) there are plenty of beautiful, fancy, groomed companions that you don’t even want to know the price tag of.

Oh and what about cars? You will see a few fancy ones parked along the streets. Auto spectating is rather fun. I’m rather fond of Porsche’s though I didn’t see a match for my 2005 Ford Focus but maybe I wasn’t looking hard enough.

Spend under $10 for a Vancouver Wa Waterfront treat

A delicious bowl of ice cream from the Yard Milkshake Bar on the Vancouver Wa Waterfront
Ice Cream Break! – Yard Milkshake Bar

An ice cream treat is a good start. The Yard Milkshake Bar is the place to forget calories and just indulge! Though we got the smallest size bowl they had, which is a half cup it was “way more” than a half cup and “way more” than plenty. AND it was super delicious. I enjoyed every bite. One scoop was $5.15. We went for the pralines and cream. It was our first time and we wanted a safe bet though I might be a bit more adventurous next time. Uh, yes, I do plan on a next time . . .

Coffee anyone? Kafiex Roasters offers brews on the river. I have yet to try a cup but looks tempting.

Buy a postcard or pick up a small memento at the Pop Local Shop. Located at 111 Grant it has all sorts of very nice local made creations which I say are probably more than $10 for the most part but they did have some lower price items so worth a stop in even for the low budget minded folks. Yes, that would be me.

Sip some wine or taste some beer? Lots of those kind of places. I have yet to try but I will! I mean I must give this blog some cred and check things out properly. Today was just a fun in the sun type of stroll to check out what I need to check out more of!

Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner at the Vancouver Wa Waterfront

The Vancouver Waterfront features many top rated restaurants. That’s a given, I mean who could afford the real estate if you weren’t already in top of the class? It would be great fun to check each one out and give my own litmus taste test of each one but that will take time and saving up some nickels so it’s something I will have to content myself over time.

I have eaten at three places though so far, the Wild Fin and Twigs a year or two ago which is a long time past and I can’t even remember what I ordered. The experience was good though and personally I liked Twigs the best but the thing with restaurants there are just so many choices and I find it hard to judge a restaurant on just one or two entrees. Last week we ate at the Waterfront Tap House and I had a super, yummy Teriyaki Burger that I wouldn’t mind munching again right now. My husband Jon had the Taphouse burger and he loved it as well.

Always an Enjoyable Time on the Vancouver Wa Waterfront

A view from Vancouver Wa Waterfront
Looking toward the train bridge on the Vancouver Wa Waterfront

The Vancouver Wa Waterfront is an ongoing experience. Watching the transformation over the years was at first slow with a newspaper clipping about it here and there . . . and then as ground was broken, heavy equipment moved in and buildings one after another mushrooming up almost overnight it has become transformational.

My name for the new face of the waterfront is, Cinderella on the Columbia. It really is that magical. I can only imagine what it will be like during December to watch the Christmas Ships floating by in the evening dark from a vantage point at one the restaurants or drinking places. Better reserve a spot now!

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