Julie Rawles of Port of Vancouver giving virtual tour

Virtual tour of Port of Vancouver – This is worth watching!

Virtual Tour of Port of Vancouver USA

This video created by the Port of Vancouver is great! I. My husband and I had hoped to take the “actual” tour the Port offers when we learned about it a year ago but unfortunately the Covid thing put a stop to that. After watching this video I would recommend watching it before you take the actual tour anyway as it is so full of information and background.

I hope lots and lots of people watch it and feel the same surge of civic pride I felt after viewing it. I have only lived in Vancouver for five years but I keep finding out treasures about this place that make me feel very privileged to live here and this video clinches it for me even more.

After about ten or fifteen minutes into the video I made up my mind that my next puzzle book is going to be on the Port of Vancouver. There are just so many things I want to find out in greater depth. Things like The Graveyard of the Pacific and the Columbia River Pilots and I would actually like to know just what “are” all the different jobs that the 4000 people employed there do? I like finding out little details about that.

At the very end of the video there is a slide image that lists resources. I thought Julie Rawls said in the video that she was going to list those – but so far I have not been able to find it. I took a screen shot of the image (hope that’s legit) and want to share those links with you. Just in case like me you just have to find out a bit more. . .

Screenshot from the virtual tour video

Port of Vancouver USA: portvanusa.com
Columbia River Bar Pilots: columbiariverbarpilots.com
Columbia River Pilots: colrip.com
Pacific NW Waterways Association: pnwa.net
Our Working Rivers: ourworkingrivers.com
Washington Council on International Trade: wcit.org
Washington Grain Commission: wagrains.org
Washington Public Ports Association: washingtonports.org
American Association of Port Authorities: aapa-ports.org
Merchants Exchange: pdxmex.com
Columbia River Steamship Operators Association: crsoa.net

This is sort of a rush post – but I wanted to write about it while I was still feeling excited about it. I wonder if local schools are going to be using this in their curriculum for Washington history? I think they should. 🙂

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